DroneKit Log Analyzer documentation!ΒΆ

DroneKit Log Analyzer (DroneKit-LA) is a powerful open source static analyzer for ArduPilot logs.

The tool can read and analyze several log formats, including telemetry logs (tlogs), dataflash binary logs (.BIN) and dataflash text dumps (.log), and output detailed error and warning information in several formats (json, text, summary). The output includes detailed information about the tests, including what tests were run, the results (pass, fail, warn), severity, and supporting evidence.

DroneKit-LA is also fast, memory efficient and extensible. It supports numerous analyzers and has already proved itself capable of quickly analyzing very large logs.

This documentation contains a lot of useful information including an introduction to the tool, an overview of each of the analyzers, examples and guidance on how you can contribute.

If you just want to install the tool and start working, jump to the Getting Started.